Accountants & Financial Coaches: Add 3-5 High Ticket Clients With Your Facebook™ Community In The Next 90 Days Guaranteed…

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What If You Could Enroll An Extra 3-5 High Paying Clients With Ease...?

We’ve generated over 2.5 Million dollars with one single Facebook group… 

Here’s how:

While growing my first business, an outsourced CFO company I realized the power of Facebook™ Communities. 

Not, likely how you think - I worked towards growing a Mom's group for local women with children. I called it "The MotherHOOD."

It grew quickly and became a resource in my community not just for myself but for thousands of women and mothers around my area. 

This is when I had an AH-HA moment. 💡

What if I could use this same strategy to grow my small Accounting business... 

So, on January 21, 2019 I opened a Facebook™ Group dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build their businesses Profitably and Intentionally.  

Within 90 Days of opening that group we began generating 25-30k Per month! 🤑

Today this Community has evolved and most importantly continues to generate us clients and cash consistently. 

In fact, last year we generated 1.1 million dollars with this SAME exact group. 

The Best Part? 

❌ Our Group doesn't rely on VOLUME - We focus on Quality prospects.

❌ Our methods don't have us cold messaging hundreds of people everyday. 

❌ We don't invest money on ads unless we are cashflow positive. 

❌ We don't build websites and complicated funnels hoping people magically show up to book calls with us. 

❌ and we definitely don't pay for email lists or walk door to door bugging our neighbors... 

So, what do we do?

While a lot of methods on social media focus on Volume and Quantity our approach focuses on QUALITY. 

✅ We Grow our Community with QUALITY and QUALIFIED leads every single day. 

✅ We post 3-5 times per week with Value added content that brings our community closer to making buying decisions. 

✅ Overall, I'd say it takes less than 2 hour a week to manage our community! 

What happened Next? 

After discovering how well this worked for us, and our clients seeing these strategies convert so well they asked us to teach them the SAME Methods... 

So, of course, we did, and I'm not surprised to say they began getting the same and sometimes EVEN Better results than we were! 🤯

And now our clients, like us, are fully booked with pre-qualified leads ready to sign up for their high ticket offer or services. 

But I want to be honest with you, This method is not for everyone. 

In fact we turn away 20% of people who get on calls with us simply because they do not meet our high standards. 

This Facebook™ Community Strategy that helps our members enroll high ticket clients consistently could be the difference in your company. 

The lever you've been looking for that takes your business from stuck to Instant Authority and Attracting Ideal Clients with Income that can PAY & STAY. 

And after working with hundreds of clients and trying all kinds of different methods we can safely say this is the method we believe in most.  

We can now SAFELY and ETHICALLY Guarantee... 

You'll be able to book 3-5 High Ticket Clients in your company with these Community Building Methods in the next 90 Days or less (or we'll work with you for FREE until you do)... 

If you think this sounds like it would be a good fit for you, click here to book a 1:1 Action Call with our team today & let's find out if this method is a good fit for you! 

XO- Alyssa J Dillon

PS. If you decide to work with me and my team on growing your company with the community method this is exactly what you can expect to focus on... 

1️⃣Use a combination or Organic and Paid traffic to grow your community and list with quality and qualified potential clients that are looking for you. They have a problem that you can solve and that is exactly why they are joining your community. 

2️⃣Build a Relationship and create instant Authority in that community with a Simple Content Strategy that turns a COLD 🥶 Audience into Potential Clients who are raising their hands to learn more about how to work with you! 🙋

3️⃣Create a Sold before the Call Community... Unanimously, I hear you saying "I hate sales"... Me too friend, Me too! That's why we developed a non salesy, non pushy, undercover sales method where clients are ready to say yes even before they get on the call. 

This offer is available for a limited-time only

What You’ll Get:

Step-By-Step Training Curriculum

Get your hands on the exact systems & processes that power our $2.5MM Facebook™ Community

Unlimited 1 on 1 Coaching with Our Team

We spend over $50,000/month on a team of experts (in sales, marketing, mindset, and tech)... and when you work with us, you'll receive unlimited 1-on-1 access to that team to get insight & feedback on your work in real time…

 Four Live Training Calls Per Week

As if unlimited 1-on-1 coaching wasn't enough, you can also tune into our 4 live group coaching classes each week... Sometimes it's the question posed by another member of our community that unlocks the door to your next growth spurt... so group coaching can be unbelievably valuable...

 Million Dollar Network & Community

Access to a community filled with other hardworking CEOs all striving towards 6 and 7-figure+ success. The opportunity to learn from and collaborate with one another, as well as receive support and accountability from the group.

 Done-For-You Content Templates

Not gonna lie... Most Accountant’s and Financial Pros are Don’t have “Copywriter” as their top skill, which means their content can fall flat. That's why we'll give you our exact content tailored specifically for financial pros already proven to work... With our method, you only need to post in your group 1x/day, but we still need those posts to be GOOD...

 Done-For-You Content Templates

Not gonna lie... Most Accountant’s and Financial Pros are Don’t have “Copywriter” as their top skill, which means their content can fall flat. That's why we'll give you our exact content tailored specifically for financial pros already proven to work... With our method, you only need to post in your group 1x/day, but we still need those posts to be GOOD...

Limited-Time Bonuses:

 In-Person Event Ticket

How would you like to meet us, our staff, and our wildly successful clients at our next event? You'll get a free ticket to attend our next event and if for whatever reason, you can't attend in-person, you'll receive virtual access & all of the event recordings...

  Risk-Free Guarantee

If you qualify to work with us... we guarantee you'll add 3-5 clients in the next 90 days or less (or we'll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do)...

 Bonus 3

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This offer is available for a limited-time only


Alyssa J Dillon

Hi! I am Alyssa, a former CFO turned Money Making Maven, Founder and CEO of the Money Maker Movement. 

After dedicating my career to managing other people's Millions I set out to make my own.

I ditched the grind of corporate America to build a life that I truly love. Through this process I discovered my REAL Mission. I believe I was put on this earth to help women own their life and reach their full potential. 

I am here to teach women how to maximize their income and create an impact that will be felt for generations.

Outside of running my company I am a mom, a wife, an artist, and part of a CrossFit cult. If you can't find me doing those things - I am traveling and drinking margaritas.

This offer is available for a limited-time only


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Name: Jamie Gruol

Results: Went from Startup to $500k in one year

Name: Wendy Tibbetts

Results: Built a 6 Figure Firm in 90 Days

Name: Dana Sacco

Results: Went from burnt out to making money with ease. 

Name: Corrin Woodard

Results: Nearly doubled her firms revenue in 2022

Name: Jill Cooper

Result: 156% Percent Growth in 2022

Name: Shanita Jones CPA

Result: Had a successful 6 Figure Launch

Name: Laura Jacobs

Result: Increased Revenue by 497% in 2022

Name: Dana Sacco

Result: Made $200k in 2022 while being closed for 6 months

Name: Yandra Viviana

Result: Made $275k in 2022

Name: Karen Orr

Result: Hired a team member to lessen her work load

Name: Leslie Liondas

Result: Signed a $28k contract and added $2.8k in recurring revenue

Name: Ashley Caillouet

Result: Got a client within her first month in MMM

Here Are A Few Of Our Clients Holding Their Money Maker Awards...

Our Method Has Already Helped
Countless People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

This offer is available for a limited-time only


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Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get...

#1: Step-By-Step Training Curriculum

#2: Unlimited 1 on 1 Coaching with Our Team

#3: 4 Live Training Calls Per Week

#4: The Million Dollar Network & Community

#5: Done-For-You Group Funnel

#6: Done-For-You Content Templates

#7: Done-For-You Messenger Scripts

#8: 2 Private Slack Channels

#9: Personal Accountability Coach

#10: Get Your Team Trained by Us

#11: In-Person Event Ticket

#12: Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so confident our process will work for you... we guarantee you'll Add 3-5 High Ticket Clients in the next 90 Days or we'll continue working with you 1-on-1 for free until you do...

This offer is available for a limited-time only

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