Team AJD

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From Broke to Building an Empire – This strategy scaled my businesses to 6-figures within months, it helps my clients achieve the same results, and it’s the same strategy I’ll teach to you.

No fluff, no filler – just action and results. I’m as real and raw as it gets-and all I care about is helping you get those huge dreams you KNOW in your gut you can get.

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Alli DeVlieger


Best friend & the head bitch in charge, she does all the things and keeps Alyssa sane

She slays at doing all the things Alyssa hates including being organized, responding to emails, and managing her life in general.

Somehow with her witchy magic, she gets all of this done with her two crazy boys (and sometimes Alyssa’s two, as well) in the background.

Alexis Floyd

Customer Relations Manager

Alexis is our Client Success Coach aka our #1 cheerleader. She is the person that holds our clients accountable and keeps everyone on the path to success. Everyone needs their own personal cheerleader! When she is not working, Alexis can be found spending time with her husband and 2 little girls! She thoroughly enjoys fresh-squeezed lemonade indicative of her summers spent at her dad’s carnival! She is also a literal children’s cheerleading coach – talk about alignment.

Brit Miller


You can’t build an empire without a solid foundation.

Brit helps determined women set up their businesses for massive impact and income growth with strategic brands and sites.

With a degree in graphic design and 14+ years in the advertising industry, Brit knows that your brand is more than a pretty logo – it’s how you share your message with the world and how you move forward with confidence.

Brianna Maldonado

Executive Assistant

Brianna is our executive do-er. She makes sure all our crazy ideas are organized and done legally. Thank you for keeping us out of trouble Brianna.

With a background in HR and accounting, she is our go-to for all the things.

When she is not working on making our lives easier, she is usually hanging out with her husband and sweet baby girl!

Lily Newhouse

Mindset Ninja

Lily is the host of our Monday Money Party!

Money manifestation is her superpower.

She helps entrepreneurs create financial freedom through mindset and manifestation.

She is a former professional poker player and current boy- and dog-mom.

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