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The Number 1 Reason Your Audience Isn’t Buying.

You’ve realized the importance of utilizing social media to market your business but you aren’t  seeing the massive success that so many others do. Why is that?

You are likely posting your products and services on social media and you’ve gotten a few sales, but there is something missing. You are not seeing an exponential growth as others in your industry are.

Social media marketing can make you a millionaire but you absolutely need a strategy, a plan, and a clear message. Social media posts don’t print money. Social media posts without a clearly defined strategy, plan and purpose will not yield million dollar results.

I speak to entrepreneurs daily that have amazing plans for business growth yet they are speaking to a confused and untrusting audience. You can create amazing value based posts for social media, but if your messaging isn’t clear enough for your audience, the efforts you are putting in are not going to convert for you.

What is messaging?

Messaging, in the most basic of explanations, is the 5ws. You know, we learned this in elementary school. It is the who, what, when, where, and why of your products and services. You need to be absolutely clear on these.

Who? – Who is your product for?

What? – What are you offering?

When? – When should your audience act?

Where? – Where should they contact you?

Why? – Why do they need/want what you are offering? What are outcomes to working with you?

Messaging is also how you are you are positioning your business. Are you connecting with your audience personally? Are you communicating your value by pricing your services correctly? Are you providing your audience with social proof?

Messaging can be a complex idea to wrap your head around. There is a lot to consider when deciding how best to market your business so deciding early on how you are going to perfect your messaging is imperative.

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