Let’s do this.

The decision to work with me at this level is a next level decision.
Coaching with me at this level is far from linear.
We will GET DEEP.

We will uncover shit you did not realize existed in your soul.

We will unleash the bad-ass I know you are.

We will cultivate the uncensored and unfiltered version of you that
is been hiding away.

You will make massive shifts not just in your business but in the way
you DO LIFE.

You will take massive action to get the MASSIVE results you desire in
your business.

I want to congratulate you for making this choice for yourself.

You have decided and chose to go all in on you.

You have decided and chose to trust yourself.

Surrender to your journey and surrender to becoming the best
possible version of yourself.

The Best Version of You

The version of you that is monetized at the next level.
The version of you that you LOVE & Trust deeply.
The version of you that gets all that she/he desires.
The version of you that get’s back up EVERY time.

Because your purpose, passion & impact are more important and mean more than any struggle. You will overcome all
obstacles. You know the road to greatness does not come easy. You are ready to do this work. It is the work you desire.

You BELIEVE that you are meant to be here.

Working with me at this level is more than a program - it’s deciding to make a massive change in your life to step into your truth and be everything you were meant to be.

Results are not an option, they are a requirement – not just for you but for your clients as well.

My clients make massive leaps in their income. They become multi 6 figure and even 7 figure earners while living out their soul purpose and passion.

How it Works

Basically whatever you need
support on at any moment – You
get it!

Access to my team, related to
anything tech, coaching,
additional support, etc.

Bi Weekly 1 on 1 calls with me

Access to The Inner Circle Membership site Includes all
courses I have produced & All courses/ Recordings I do
produce as long as you are continuing to be a member

Access to the Inner Circle Facebook Community

Access to the Inner Circle Facebook Group CHAT

Voxer access to me!

Weekly mastermind trainings to collaborate with other
business bad asses like yourself


My clients are leaders, they are trailblazers, they are
rebels, they are bad-ass.

They have a mission, a purpose, and a passion that is

They do not make decisions from fear, but from their soul.

They are ready to accept the energy, the change, the
growth that they will experience.

Some of the elite business owners that I have had the sincerest pleasure of mentoring:

Ryann Dowdy
Clarence White
LeighAnn Heil

Tiany Bastian
Lucy Griths
Ines McNeil

Robbin McManne
Rebeca Storck Lima
Heather Boyer

Tiani Higgins
Rachel Herrera
Brittany Miller

Peggy Re James
Chelsea Monk
Nanci Watkins

Suana Jones
Sian Burton